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Adolphe Sax
Adolphe Sax

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 : (#01) Ferling - 48 Famous Studies : TOP 10 RANKING: #1 Original Ferling studies. Two studies each (slow and fast) in each major and minor key...$8.95
 : (#05) Rascher - Top Tones for Saxophone : TOP 10 RANKING: #5 The first real method of developing the third and fourth octave of the saxophone range...$12.95
 : Bassi/Iasilli - 27 Virtuoso Studies : Late romantic style etudes, both fast and slow in major and minor keys through 3 sharps and two flats...$14.50
 : Blemant - 20 Etudes Melodiques Vol. 1 : From the early Leduc catalog (1918) come these melodious etudes. These are notable for their attention to developing a beautiful,..$36.25
 : Blemant - 20 Etudes Melodiques Vol. 2 : The second volume from Blemant. Comparable in difficulty to the Mule version of the Ferling etudes...$43.40
 : Bozza - 12 Etudes & Caprices : "Practising them shall enable the pupil to attain extremely brillant techniques. That shall put him in a state of approaching without apprehension the most difficult mode..$28.30
 : Caravan - Prelimary Etudes & Exercises : $16.00
 : Clark - I Used to Play Alto Saxophone : "I USed to Play Alto Saxophone" is not a beginers book. This book is designed to reintroduce a adult musician to the instrument and review the important aspects of music..$19.95
 : de Ville - Universal Method for Saxophone : $28.95
 : Endresen - Supplementary Studies for Saxophone : $5.50

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