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Adolphe Sax

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 : Voxman - Selected Duets Vol. 2 : Scored for two like saxophones. Ranges from medium to difficult levels. Volume 1 is easier.$8.95
 : Voxman - Selected Duets Vol 1. : Scored for two like saxophones. Various composers and musical periods are represented. This has excellent performance and study material for young players...$7.95
 : Von Koch - Birthday Music for SMR : A fun and difficult duet by Erland von Koch. Extensive use of the altissimo; three movements.$15.75
 : Telemann/Teal - Six Canonic Sonatas : Scored for two like saxophones. These are wonderful teaching and performance pieces.$19.95
 : Patrick - Music for a Celebration : Five short movements. Medium Difficult. Scored for two saxophones of the same pitch. Dr. Patrick requests that the upper part is to be played on a saxophone voice o..$6.95
 : Mozart/Patrick - Sonata in B-flat Major, K.292 : Deftly scored for two like saxophones by Dr. Lee Patrick. Originally scored for bassoon and cello.$6.95
 : Lunde - Sonata, Op. 25 : Scored for alto and tenor saxophones.$12.50
 : Leclair/Londeix - Sonate en Ut : Scored for two like saxophones. Works well on sopranos!$19.30
 : Leclair/Londeix - Sonate en Re : Scored for two like saxophones. Works well on sopranos!$12.20
 : Leclair/Londeix - Sonate en Fa : Scored for two like saxophones. Works well on sopranos!$21.25

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