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Adolphe Sax
Adolphe Sax

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Soprano Literature Difficult-Sop., Medium Difficult-Sop., Medium-Sop., More..
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 : Albinoni/Kynaston - Concerto in d minor : Albinoni was a contemporary of J.S. Bach. You hear this performed by oboists for good reason. The arranger has included a decoreated melodic line for the second movemen..$14.95
 : Asia - The Alex Set : Unaccompanied soprano saxophone$8.50
 : Bach/Caravan - Bach for the Saxophone : $16.50
 : Bach/Dawson - Sonata in E-flat : $13.50
 : Bach/Gee - Sonata No. 4 : $6.50
 : Bach/Harle - Sonata in g minor : Includes solo parts for both B-flat and E-flat saxophones!$25.95
 : Bach/Kynaston - 6 Suites for Cello : The Bach Cello Suites are standard study and performance material for serious cellists and they can be the same for saxophonists!..$19.95
 : Bennett - Sonata : Richard Rodney Bennett$24.95
 : Caravan - Fantasy Piece (solo) : $9.00
 : Caravan - Quiet Time : A slow, lyrical piece involving modal melodic material and some easy mixed meter. Highly expressive short work,..$10.50

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