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 : Rascher - The Rascher Collection : This collection contains 7 pieces from the concert repertoire of Sigurd Rascher. They range in level of difficulty from medium to very difficult...$5.95
 : Handel/Rascher - Sonata No. 3 : The famous and often played 3rd violin sonata. Set in F major for the alto saxophone. Also found in the Rascher Collection.$4.95
 : Handel/Rascher - Sonata No. 13 : $8.95
 : Handel/Patrick - 5 Famous Violin Sonatas : An EXCELLENT new edition from Lee Patick with piano accompaniment. Scored for alto saxophone.$16.95
 : Handel/Mule - Sonata No. 6 : $14.65
 : Handel/Mule - Sonata No. 2 : A Handel violin sonata in the key of b-flat minor (g minor for alto). Most notable are a beautiful first movement and a lively fourth movement in 12/8 time.$19.55
 : Handel/Mule - Sonata No. 1 : Another great Handel flute sonata, beautifully crafted and spirited. The first and second movements are among my favorites in the Baroque style...$16.50
 : Handel/Londeix - Sonata No. 1 : Another great Handel sonata, beautifully crafted and spirited. Key of g minor (a minor for the saxophone)...$11.55
 : Eccles/Rascher - Sonata in g minor : Here is an attractive, baroque cello sonata, artfully transcribed for the alto saxophone. The Eccles is a popular recital piece for both students and professionals.$7.95
 : Bach/Stanton - Fugue in g minor : The famous "Little" Organ Fugue in g for SATB quartet.$14.00

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